Today’s vehicles are more complex than ever and, when damaged, require equally complex equipment to repair them. We use only the highest quality precision equipment and staff-training programmes available to restore vehicles to their original manufacturer’s specifications. The equipment is the latest available to meet the needs of the company.

Special equipment examples:

  • Double bay Chassis Straightening.
  • Heated down draft AeroCure spray booth.
  • Paint Mixing Room.
  • Various hammers and dollies used to planishing.
  • Body files and flippers.
  • Assembly tools such as socket sets, screwdrivers and spanners.
  • Other hand tools like pliers, tin snips, vise grips, punches, chisels, etc.
  • Hydraulic pushing/pulling devices.
  • Vehicle measuring and aligning devices, or jigs e.g.
  • Vehicle lift hoists.
  • Personal safety equipment such as boots, overalls, safety glasses, welding helmets, gloves, respirators and hearing protection.
  • Welding equipment – MIG or TIG.

Special equipment for restoration, advanced panel repair or panel fabrication from scratch include:

  • English wheel
  • Power hammer
  • Pear shaped mallets and Sandbags
  • Benders/Folders
  • Rollers/Rolls
  • Beaders/Swaging machines
  • Station bucks[3]
  • Templates
  • Oxy-acetylene welding equipment
  • Lead loading equipment